Tiles and Icons Views for Playlist

Sep 1, 2016. | By: Dan Dennedy

Thanks to Shotcut developer, Harald, new Tiles and Icons Playlist view modes were added to the new version 16.09, which is now available for DOWNLOAD. The old view mode is still available and named Details.

Playlist Tiles View Playlist Icons View

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Another new feature is the ability to Copy and Paste Filters. Look for the new icons in the Filters panel next to the +/- icons. At this time, this copies everything in the list. In the next version, I will make it copy only enabled filters (multi-selection is not available for this list).

This version also upgrades the app/GUI toolkit we use to a more recent version 5.6.1. Not only does that bring in some general fixes but also adds HiDPI support for Windows 10 and Linux including the video viewport. We have had support for Retina on macOS for some time, but this new version allowed us to fixup some icons and extend it to Windows and Linux! Please be aware that this really only properly supports 2x density. Therefore, if you run Windows 10 Settings > Display > 150%, then it converts to 2x in the HiDPI support (150% -> 1.5 -> round -> 2). This can make your Qt 5.6+ apps appear bigger than perhaps you expect/like. If you want to turn this off set an environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR to 0. Of course, there are several other important fixes to Shotcut and MLT as well in this release.


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