Road Map

In Progress

  • undo/redo support for filters


No estimated delivery time:

  • looping playback - project, selection, around
  • playlist folders
  • configurable time format with a non-timecode default
  • rectangle selection in timeline


In no particular order or estimated delivery time:

  • groups in timeline
  • quick effects VUI
  • automatically add tracks
  • auto-scroll timeline by pages instead of continuously
  • integration for external editor (e.g. Audacity, Glaxnimate, GIMP, etc. via configurable launcher and file watcher)
  • open HEIC images
  • open AVIF images
  • ITU-R BT.2020 wide color gamut
  • HDR/SMPTE 2084
  • fullscreen playback on current/single screen with on-screen controls
  • audio noise reduction
  • project media management (automatically copy or move to project folder, automatically convert)
  • set metadata (artist, title, etc.) in encode
  • archive project
  • additional editing modes/operations (slip, slide, roll)
  • audio mixer console (one strip per track plus master)
  • surround panning
  • raw video processing - e.g. CinemaDNG
  • subtitles
  • multi-camera editing features
  • convert producer UIs to QML
  • add partik0l producer
  • circle VUI control for Vignette and Crop: Circle
  • multi-track transitions feature
  • generic filter (MLT service name and table of parameters)
  • generic transition
  • add CMX EDL import
  • add Kdenlive XML export
  • add OpenTimelineIO import/export
  • add search media type queries to Playlists
  • add keywords, description, and presets to Filters search
  • add option to view timeline waveform per channel
  • add transitions to Playlist
  • make it easy to add 0.5 or 1 second transition on timeline
  • add VUI toggle
  • add speed param to Export > Codec
  • add option to reduce number of encode threads for Convert, Reverse, and Proxy jobs
  • improve the appearance of video-with-alpha clips by showing with checkered background in source player
  • hardware accellerated decoding
  • background removal
  • universal search
  • file browser and media library
  • read Kyno XML for name, comments, tags
  • simple screen capture through libobs or ffmpeg
  • move generators from Open Other to submenu in New, leave network and devices in Open Other
  • add a base VUI that adds indicators for in and out points and a toolbar to invoke filters: Text, Size/Position/Rotate, Crop, Color, Chroma Key: Simple
  • improved support for nested projects
  • multi-select support for Properties
  • multi-select support for Filters
  • option to include intermediate thumbnails in timeline
  • ability to set the poster frame for a clip
  • add Recent and Most Used tabs to Filters chooser
  • typewriter effect for Text: Simple and Text: Rich
  • more columns and sorting in Playlist
  • clip markers or flags
  • turn off all effects switch
  • aspect ratio lock for VUI rectangle control - e.g. when used with Crop: Rectangle
  • motion blur for motion-animated things like Text and Size/Position/Rotate
  • 2.7K and 8K Video Modes
  • reorganize Video Modes UI
  • outline for Text: Rich
  • shadow for Text: Simple and Text: Rich
  • face detection
  • curves UI for color
  • convert icons to SVG
  • easing functions for keyframes
  • context-sensitive online help
  • automatic silence detection/removal

See also the Suggestion category in the Forum.


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Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. Major features include support for a wide range of formats; no import required meaning native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k.

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