Export Frame in new v16.07 Release

Jul 1, 2016. | By: Dan Dennedy

Export Frame is a new feature in the File menu of Shotcut version 16.07. This feature lets you save the frame currently displayed in the Shotcut viewer as a still image file in PNG, JPEG, BMP, or WebP format. Simply use an appropriate file name extension to choose the desired format. This saves the frame as it is shown including the options in the Settings menu and Filters. Upon save, the new file is added to the Recent panel to make it convenient to open and use in Shotcut. This makes it easy to achieve a freeze frame effect. Simply navigate to the frame you want on the timeline, export it, open it, and Paste it. This also makes it convenient to create a custom thumbnail for your web video: export a frame, double-click it in Recent to open it in the Source viewer, add a text filter to title it, and re-export it.

As usual, there is also a collection a fixes - including for the new version checker, which did not work on many systems. Trimming on the timeline has been improved. In previous versions, if you accidentally started a transition while trimming and changed dragging direction to try to return to a trim operation, it would behave badly and create an undesired single-frame transition. Not only was that fixed, but also now you can remove a transition by trimming it away. So, Remove transition is now an action that can appear in your undo History that you can undo and redo.


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