The Discussion Forum Is Now Free

Aug 31, 2016. | By: Dan Dennedy

I decided to convert the discussion forum to be free-of-charge and supported through a moderate level of advertising. Some of you may know that I used to request a donation to gain membership. If you made a donation in the past 30 days, then advertising is turned off for you for next month. There might be an add-on package of services in the future that will include no ads in the forum. Thank you to everyone who contributed financially this year.

IMPORTANT: As a result of this change, if you already have an account on the forum you must reset your password.

Obviously, with the forum being free, the activity is going to increase, and I may not always be very active in there. Some employers have said something like “if only we could clone him….” ;-) Well, I am training my daughter who is in college to help me. Initially, she will be providing technical support and doing some web site maintenance. Eventually, I hope she can fix bugs and do development. This endeavor is turning into a nice father-daughter, dynamic-duo story!


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